Victoria Potter – Youth LEAD Class 1

As a student in the first Youth LEAD class, I was given the opportunity to not only learn more about the amazing community in which I live but to participate in activities with other outstanding youth in the Paducah area. Through this experience, I learned how important the role of the Chamber of Commerce is in the development of our community and the promotion of those businesses that make Paducah the exceptional and diverse city that it is. I appreciate the opportunity given to me by the Paducah Chamber of Commerce.

Student, Vanderbilt University

Tim Straley – Class 26

My experience with the Chamber’s Leadership program was very positive on both a professional and personal level. On a professional level, the program supports all the initiatives of the Chamber and promotes learning of and growing in the community. On a personal level, the program creates new friendships and challenges you to improve your leadership skills. The program was a great fit for me and the position I hold and in the future I will send some of my staff through the program as part of their development.

COO, Country Club of Paducah

Jim & Ann Erickson – Class 26

As recent transplants to Paducah, our association with the Chamber has been
a tremendous help in becoming established in the area. Through participation in Leadership Paducah and Chamber committees, we have developed business relationships within months that might otherwise have taken years to evolve. Some of these connections have led us to personal friendships, too, and those connections are priceless.

Sr. Programmer/Corporate Liaison, S.M. Stroller Corporation

Dee Dee Whittaker – Class 26

Leadership Paducah definitely helped me develop an awareness of the strengths and challenges facing our community. Seeing first hand how all facets of the community operate during our monthly sessions was truly inspiring. I looked forward every month to spending the day with my fellow classmates and getting in depth information about everything from transportation to healthcare!

Branch Manager, US Bank

Lorry Beth Wilson – Class 26

Leadership is not about the job or position you hold, it is about the attitude and persona you possess. If you treat others with respect and encouragement, they are more willing to want to work hard in accomplishing the task ahead of them and meeting the goal. The Leadership Paducah community exemplifies this and makes every effort to grow leaders for our community.

Director, West Kentucky College Academy

Michael Ceglinski – Class 26

Leadership Paducah was truly a fantastic experience. I learned so much about the town that I grew up in that I never knew. As the principal of McCracken County High School, our work involves preparing students to contribute in a positive way to the community they live in. My hope is that they choose Paducah and become involved in many of the organizations that Leadership Paducah exposed me too. Also, the people in my class (#26) were amazing. I’ve made friends for a lifetime now. They are just a small sample of the great people that live and work in the city of Paducah.

School Leader, McCracken County High School

Dana Sowash – Class 26

I have always felt Paducah is a city with great potential for growth in many areas. I wanted to be a part of that change, so I joined Leadership Paducah to learn more about the city and the ways I could be involved. The Leadership Paducah program gave me the opportunity to network and meet amazing, like-minded people. I have since joined the Board of a local agency and signed on as a volunteer to help the community. This was a wonderful experience and I would encourage everyone to do this at some point!

Director, Four Rivers Clinical Research, INC.

Matt Snow – Class 26

Being involved in the Leadership Paducah program was truly a rewarding experience. I was able to see Paducah in an entirely different light and also was challenged to work together as a team to support a charity of our choice. It was amazing to learn new things about Paducah even though I’ve lived here my whole life. Through this program and involvement with the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce, it really does give you the opportunity to network with business professionals in the community and the LP class accelerates that process. Now that the class is over, I’ve been given the opportunity to serve on the Leadership Paducah Board and I’m excited to stay involved with the Leadership Paducah Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce.

Amy Clevidence – Class 24

Leadership Paducah has provided more value to me than any other professional development opportunity that I have had the privilege of taking part in. The knowledge I’ve gained, the connections I’ve made and the opportunities to connect and serve through that particular program is immeasurable. I appreciate the Leadership Paducah Foundation for providing great professional development opportunities such as this.

Andrew P. Gates – Class 24

After living in Paducah my entire life, I did not believe that there was much that I could learn about my city.  However, with each class session I found new and exciting amenities that Paducah had to offer.  I never knew that there was so much going on in the town each and every day.  I also found the experience to be one of the best networking tools for my career.  I gained many friends within my class, whom I still keep in contact with.  I enjoyed my experience in the class so much, that I decided to give back to the program by participating on the Leadership Paducah Foundation Board of Directors.  I can truly say that this opportunity has assisted me in my personal and career development.